What goes into a bottle of baker white?:

Everything from how their e liquid is made and why it tastes so good to what their mission and vision is. You will learn everything you need to know about Baker White and why they truly are defining premium.

eGo AIO Pro Tips:

In this episode, we go over tips and tricks regarding the eGo AIO Pro by Joyetech. Learn the common problems and simple solutions to get your e cigarette ready to should any of these problems arise.

What makes Baker White’s White Line so Perfect for New Vapers?:

Find out more about Baker White’s lineup at! Choosing an e-liquid that’s right for you is not as easy as it looks. VaporTrek is here to make it easier with this brief overview on what makes Baker White’s white line so perfect for new vapers. The White Line was Baker White’s first e liquid line that they released. Originally for the new vaper who is transitioning to vaping from smoking and they have not veered from that at all with this line. 10 wonderful flavors that are designed for smokers who are just starting to vape.

Black line:

In this video we discuss one of Baker White’s house line e liquids, Black. A 10 flavor line packed with delicious drink flavors! We also talk about flavor profiles, PG/VG ratios and much more!

Dripper’s Paradise! Odin by BW:

Not to be taken lightly, these vapes are complex for the advanced flavor chaser, dripper, or cloud chaser. Baker White explicitly engineered this vape line to change flavors as you change your mod. The higher the wattage on your mod, the stronger one portion of the flavor stands out to the rest. Take Odin 101 for example, higher wattage brings out more of the berry cream while the tobacco slowly takes a back seat. Lower wattage will bring that tobacco flavor back into prominence.

The business line:

In this video, we briefly go over the flavor profile of the Business line and the deliciousness that ensues! This high VG line provides unbelievable flavor but not over the top. This specialty drink and smoothie line has something for everyone, from a mange smoothie to delicious chocolate, peppermint espresso!

The system line:

The system is the highest VG ratio that Baker White has created. Great for High wattage, low ohm coil mods. To accommodate for these flavors to have such a massive flavor profile, they boosted the flavoring to give these e juices a real punch!

The tan line:

In this video we talk briefly about the different flavors available in this line. This line really is an all-day vape. With 40 flavors, there really is something for everyone!

Evod Pro by Kangertech:

In this video we talk about the Evod Mega kit and some tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your mod! First, we go over simple things like oversaturating the coil, leaking tanks and how to fix that, and little tricks to avoid spills, leaks, and the like! We then move into talking about how to avoid burning your coils and ways to extend the life of your coils as well!

Cream of the crop line:

For all the milk fiends! If you’re a dripper, you can’t pass up on this amazing vape line. This 60VG vape line brings your daily dose of dairy in the tastiest way possible. Cream of the Crop comes in 5 mouthwatering flavors: almond milk, cereal milk, chocolate milk, Strawberry milk, and coconut milk.

Tobacco 5 line:

Tobacco 5 is the perfect line for tobacco fans! It is a 50VG line with many delicious flavors. A nice note to point out is that these aren’t just tobacco flavors, tobacco is infused with other flavors to leave you with a solid, balanced flavor that is not overpowered. They also come in a sleek red glass bottle.

Counter Culture line:

Looking for the perfect custard flavor but worry about unknown and harmful chemicals being added without you knowing? At Baker White, you have nothing to fear! Baker White has perfected custard vape e liquid perfectly. Not only have they made the Counter Culture Line Diacetyl and Acetyl propynyl free, but they also give you that perfect butter flavor that so many of us crave in our custard vapes.

Links to Products We’ve Reviewed

Evod Pro

The Kanger EVOD Mega Starter Kit is the perfect e-cigarette kit for beginners. The EVOD Mega tank features Pyrex glass so you don’t have top worry about flavors that may crack a plastic vaporizer tank, and can hold up to 2.5 mls of e-liquid. The mouthpiece has a smaller diameter to best simulate the draw of a traditional cigarette. The battery included in the EVOD Mega Starter Kit is a reliable 1900 mAh capacity battery with pass-through charging through the micro-USB port on the bottom of the battery. The atomizer head, or coil, is the Kanger VOCC-T 1.8 ohm coil. This vape pen set-up is one of the most successfully used e-cigs for smokers looking to quit smoking and start vaping. Stylish and convenient, the EVOD Mega Kit is easy to set up and get started vaping faster than ever.

eGo AIO Pro

The eGO AIO Pro is the perfect item for any smoker who wants to make the transition from smoking to vaping. This piece of hardware will provide any new vaper an easy avenue into vaping. The All-In-One device is an easy to control device providing a top fill tank that can be accessed by just taking off the top cap and inserting liquid into the side holes. It also can hold up to 4 ml of e liquid at a time. That size tank allows you to keep your vape pen on you all day and never worry about running out of e-liquid and refilling. This e-cigarette gives the user several options, airflow control in the top of the device and several device and light colors to choose from. It was even designed to have a mouthpiece to help simulate smoking. It’s also the perfect device for someone looking for a dependable back up device.