Baker White The System is fruity blend that surely won’t disappoint. The System Friday is gives you the taste of exotic tropical fruits without having to slog through the forest, or going to the grocery store, to get these fruits. It’ll have you feel like your vaping on sunny beach, barefoot with the wind at your back. Enjoy…

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Baker White: The System

Delicious watermelon, crisp apples, juicy berries, sweet kiwi, exotic mango, luscious peach, creamy banana, and succulent honeydew fuse together to create the juiciest max VG flavors. The best tasting, premium quality e-liquids belongs to you, so don’t get trapped into buying sub-par products. The System is an 80VG line of decadent flavorful e-liquids that will never fall flat on taste. Vape your cares away with The System Max VG. This versatile e-liquid is perfect for adding a positive to boring events or down-time. So drop a little System into your vape and get ready for a good time! That way you will never be in need of a good vape again!

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