102: Cinnamon Latte


Odin by BW provides proof that there is a rich, classy e-liquid line that gives you what you want and so much more. Odin 102 brings warm cinnamon and a light frothy sweet cream to your favorite coffee blend. It packs all that flavor into the bottle of e-liquid.

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Baker White: Odin

Odin by BW is a 70 VG premium e-liquid, created to serve the most discriminating of vapers. The combination of high VG and complex flavor formulation provides the ultimate vaping experience. Each of the original flavor profiles were created to change based on the temperature of the coil being used. How hot your coil is will change your flavor experience. Therefore, it is an ever-evolving experience and one of the most unique e-liquids on the market today.

Start your Odin Experience at a lower temperature and slowly increase to reveal the full range of flavor notes that are hiding inside each bottle of Odin by BW. So, one bottle will bring endless flavor opportunities. How many different flavor notes are you going to discover? Find out today with Odin by BW!

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