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There are two main kinds of tanks, top-fill and bottom-fill. Top-fill tanks are tanks that you fill e-liquid from the top whereas bottom-fill tanks are tanks you screw off from the battery and unscrew the coil to get to. Both have their pros and cons but we will be strictly talking about how to change the coils on both kinds.

Top Fill Tanks:

Top fill tanks are by far one of the more popular styles among vapers, due to its ease of use. Simply unscrew the atomizer from the tank. Some vape pens have a child-proof cap so you may need to apply more pressure than others. Once you have the atomizer off, unscrew the coil and replace it with a new coil. Rescrew the atomizer head back onto the tank and you’re good to go!

Bottom Fill Tanks:

Bottom fill tanks are a little trickier. With this design, you will need to unscrew the entire tank from the battery. After that you will unscrew the atomizer head from the bottom of the tank. Remember, if it’s a bottom fill tank and you have e-liquid in it. Make sure to keep the tank upside down so you don’t spill any e liquid anywhere. Once you have the atomizer head with the coil on it, unscrew the coil and screw on the new coil. Rescrew the atomizer back onto the tank and rethread the whole tank back onto the battery.

Remember, you do NOT need a pliers or screwdriver to tighten these products. Hand tighten everything to provide an ease of switching out products and prevent any unnecessary wear and tear.