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Quick Vaping Terminology you NEED to know


There are so many different ways to reference an e-cigarette, here are a few; e-cig, vape, vape pen, vaporizer, electronic cigarette, and vape mods. An e-cigarette is a product that uses a battery to heat up a coil that warms e-liquid to the point that it turns to vapor which you inhale. For more information about this process, please refer to our explanation on how an electronic cigarette works. 



There are many variations including e-juice, juice, liquid, nic juice and vape juice. e-liquid is the main ingredient needed to obtain flavor and nicotine. E-liquid gets dripped into the tank of the e-cigarette.



Terms include; refillable cartomizer or clearomizer. A tank sits on top of the battery, which it receives power from, and has the coil normally in the middle. The e-liquid goes into the tank and touches the wick that is wrapped by the coil.



Atomizer or atomizer head is another name for coil, these words go hand in hand. The coil sit in the middle of the tank. Another word that goes with coils in the concept of ohms, which is the resistance of the coils. Coils have a very broad range, varying from sub-ohm (0.05 – .99 ohm) to around 3 ohm. Higher coils can be found but they are specialized.



Also referred to as a mod is very simple. It’s what keeps your electronic cigarette functional. Without a fully charged battery, you wont be vaping long.



It’s not smoke, it’s vapor. You’re inhaling vapor, not smoke.