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We understand, accidents happens; you break your tank glass, lose your charger, or lose your battery. We’ve got you covered! Our Replacement glass, chargers, and batteries will get that vape mod back on its feet, ready to vape before you know it. These products, like an extra 18650 battery, are also a perfect gift for that picky vaper in your life.

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Battery Maintenance

Let’s start with the battery, as a general rule, keep it clean. If e-liquid spills onto the battery, just wipe it off, don’t let it dry onto it, especially where the threads are. If you’re battery blinks 15 times (which sounds like a lot) that means the battery is dead and you need to plug it in to recharge.

Tank Maintenance

Moving up on the device, tank maintenance is pretty straightforward as well. Cleaning a dirty tank can be gross but the last thing you want to do is let old liquid sit in there. When cleaning the tank, use a high grain unflavored alcohol. This is going to give you the best results. NEVER and I can’t stress this enough, never use water or Isopropyl Alcohol to clean the tank. Water will destroy the coils and Isopropyl Alcohol is extremely toxic when ingested. After you’ve cleaned that, think about how long you have had your coil in for. A week? Two? Most coils last anywhere from 10-14 days. You can tell if you need to replace the coil when your e-liquid starts to taste burnt.

You can always clean your coils, but remember to use high grain unflavored alcohol, but this will extend the life of the coil by about 5 days at the most. Lastly, never leave your device out too long in the sun. Does anyone like warm water that’s been sitting in the sun? No. Same rule applies to e-liquid. Leaving it out in the sun can cause the ingredients in the e-liquid to separate and leak out of the tank, causing you to re-clean your device.